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          People always want to do a spiritual journey, but just let 'tired of living the dream "has become more intense consumed. Each return trip will be more worn out - because the work has not been reduced travel.

          "Life is Elsewhere" goodwill to deceive a lot of people, so that people flee immediately, from the here and now that there is always an unknown, safer and warmer temporal existence. Where all desires and ideals can be implemented, at least have the possibility to implement deep, but as stupid fisherman fishing with sea foam basket, he actually surprisingly let go of your fingertips fish .

          So there are so many who did not return home, they are eager to wandering, looking for the same hungry soul mate. Walking think can solve all problems, even in the event of life and death. For family and career, but also the attitude of holding exile. In fact, the study is nowhere to settle inner soul, confused plot barrier in the chest, once had to flee, run away again. They get rid of a secular habit, but fell into the habit of being one kind of wandering.

          Hard to say, what the soul needs. A journey with mixed feelings? Some solace in each other's stories? Together for one kind of profound feelings? A mountain stream paid to sing? Maybe both, maybe neither. Spiritual need is a party space A jealously guarding, a little-known self-contemplation. A blend of self and self, swing and repair. I appreciate both a hundred thousand turn back in that one unique to me, but also innumerable twists and turns in the same undying and eternal I endure this nature.

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